HOA Overview

There are two governing bodies in WR. The Walsh Ranch MUD and the Walsh Ranch Home Owners Association (HOA). The MUD and HOA are run by a five person Board of Directors consisting entirely of Residents living within the neighborhood. Positons on both Boards is voluntary.

Walsh Ranch Home Owners Association (HOA)

The Walsh Ranch HOA is a nonprofit corporation created for the purpose of maintaining the aesthetics of the neighborhood and thus property values. Any person becoming an Owner of a Lot automatically becomes a member of the Association as membership is not optional. Transfer of property ownership is contingent upon acceptance of HOA membership and acceptance of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs). A copy of the CCRs is listed on the Documents tab. 

The Walsh Ranch HOA Board consists of 5 Directors elected by Resident Members for a term of 3 years. Directors must be Residents of Walsh Ranch to be eligible. Meetings are held monthly and rotate between a Board Meeting and a Town Hall format. Dates and locations are listed on the Board Meetings Tab.

HOA business is run by a property management company, currently Associa. Associa manages the amenity center (pool and pool keys), vendors, budgets, dues, deed restrictions, and all service requests. Pursuant to TX HOA Law, Associa maintains a Resident email list for communicating official business and social events. 

Deed restrictions are found in the CCR document and covers many items. Architecture and Design Review Committee (ADRC). Fences, swimming pools, landscap- ing, signs, sheds, etc.

Not all changes require ADRC approval however. Replacing an existing fence, installation of a play- scape not within 5’ of the property line in the back yard, or minor landscape changes in the front yard do not require ADRC approval.

There are a couple items called out in the CCRs that are a bit different than other neighborhoods though. One such item is the governance of basketball goals. Portable basketball goals are expressly prohibited in the front yard. Permanent goals are allowed but must be approved by the ADRC before installation. Section 5.04 (p).

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MUD Overview

Walsh Ranch Municipal Utility District (MUD)

A MUD provides water, sewage, drainage and other services within the MUD boundaries. There are many MUDs in our area. The Brushy Creek MUD is the largest and services neighborhoods boarding Walsh. The Walsh MUD is not affiliated with the Brushy Creek MUD. The Walsh MUD only services the neighborhood of Walsh Ranch. WR MUD Board meetings are open to the public and meeting times are posted on the bulletin board located at the pool entrance.

Water supplied by our MUD is purchased from the City of Round Rock. As such, WR follows City water restrictions when applicable.

There are three drainage areas maintained by the WR MUD, a dry filtration area in the southeast corner, a run-off field northwest and an active purification pond in the northeast corner of our neighbor- hood. The active pond is engineered to filter debris and toxins flow- ing into the area during rain events and breaks down such things as oil and other contaminants. Functionality of this pond falls under guidelines and governance of the EPA.

Plants at the pond are specific and function in the breakdown of toxins into bio-friendly substances.